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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top 5 creative advertisements 2014 : I'm loving it

Over the years Indian Television industry produced some of the most amazing and memorable advertisements. The goal of any advertisements is to create and market the awareness of the brand among the viewers and catch their attention.

Some ads were popular because the ideas were so funny, some because of their catchy jingles, presentation, characters and visuals. These ads became part of our lives. At times these ads told us stories, made us shed tears, and even encouraged us to buy a product.

Some ads still make us nostalgic and take us to past memories like Nirma washing powder, Bajaj Scooter commercial, Pepsi dil maange more commercial, Fevicol commercials and most recently IPL6 commerical Dil Jumping Japang.

This year as well, so far there have been number of commercials aired on Indian television. With this post, I'm listing down "My top 5 picks" - the most funny and creative ads aired thus so far this year.

These are the 5 most catchy commercials that I have liked with no specific order. It is difficult to pick just 4 out of so many. However, the criteria is to list those ads that makes you laugh irrespective of number of time you watch it, has to be on the list.

1. No Ullu Banaoing - Ullu mat banao:
No Ullu banana is new Idea! This is the essence of new campaign promoted by Idea network. The advertisement highlights the power of mobile internet over idea network. This ad offers a simple solution to a larger problem.

There are series of ads on this No Ullu banaoing theme by Idea.

2. Vodafone Music  - Road trip Journey:
Vodafone India has launched a campaign to promote its music video apps. The commercial features a family of 6 on a road trip in their van. The commercial has four flavors.

In the first one, the man and his wife argues about the female lead in a particular Bollywood number. The man claims it is Katrina whereas the wife says it is Kareena. The boy then downloads the song. As it turns out it was neither Katrina nor Kareena but Deepika Padukone. The young boy and his sister break into laughter.

The second one, The grandfather tries to placate his angry wife. He manages to do so by playing a Bollywood song using the app.

Third one, The young boy is in a hurry to reach a nearby petrol pump with a rest room. He is so desperate to relieve himself and so urges his father who is at the wheels. His sister plays a devotional song 'Itni Shakti hame dena daata' to make fun of him using the app. At last, when they reach at the petrol pump, the young boy is frustrated even more as the toilet is locked.

Fourth one, the girl asks her grandfather about the song he is listening over headphone. Grandfather refuses to answer. The girl then removes the headphone cord from the device. To everyone's surprise, the grandfather was listening to 'Munni Badnaam hui' song which makes everyone laugh.

3. Center Fruit - Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayee

The South Indian restaurant owner is hiring the best waiter who can announce the dishes in the most creative manner.

Center fruit chewing gum comes to his rescue. A very hilarious and funny commercial I must say.

4. Dr Fixit - Angry Kid

A man walks into a room yawning and sees his son drawing on wall. He shouts, "Bittoo, mummy ne bola tha naa deewarein kharab mat karna."

Some other dialogue follows and at last this is how the angry kid gave it back -

He turns to his father with anger and says, "Aap se bhi Shukla uncle ne kaha tha bangla banvate samay Dr. Fixit se waterproofing zaroor karva lena."

Mentos Cola - Dimag Ki Batti Jala De ad

A Young guy spots a friend and calls out to him and asks him, “Manoj, Idhar Kya Kar Raha Hai? Picture Dekhne Aaya Hai Kya?” 

The guy’s friend and his female companion get stunned and looks at him speechless at the stupid question asked by him. Other audiences in the cinema hall have the same reaction as the guy’s friend. Film proceeds with silence break when one of the people from audience starts clapping and others join the applause.
The ad concludes with a Mentos cola popping out of nowhere and going directly into the guy’s mouth and a frame that introduces ‘Cola Mentos, with tagline Dimag ki batti jalade’.

Put in your comments if you too liked these or the one you liked most is not listed here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little known interesting facts about some of popular Indian celebs

Little known interesting facts about some of the Indian celebrities -

1. Mahatma Gandhi -
We can see in all Indian currencies, Gandhiji’s facial image being printed. The Smiling Gandhiji is very popular among the countrymen. Many of us think that image is a drawn picture. But, in fact it was a photo shot and picturised in 1946 by an unknown photographer. The original photo is displayed here. In the original photo Gandhiji smiles to some person nearby. That hollow smile picture had been developed into a mirror image and then the same has been imaged in the Indian Rupee currencies.

Picture 1: Gandhiji is with Frederic Pethic Lawrence, who was then British secretary for India and Burma. The photo was shot at the former Viceroy House, Which is now the Rashtrapathy Bhavan.    
Picture 2: The mirror image of the original picture    
Picture 3. The image taken from the picture is being printed in the Rupee Currency notes    
Picture 4, 5. The picture of Gandhiji is being used in the currencies.

2. Lal Bahadur Shastri - He took a loan from the government to buy a car and when he died some installments were still left.

3. Subhash chandra Bose - Netaji  refused to obey the prohibition to carry his umbrella while meeting the Governor General at his office in Kolkata after being successful in Indian Civil Services (ICS) examination. It was then a traditional dignity to carry the umbrella for every Bengali gentleman. When the Governor General objected to this, asking him to explain his behavior, he dared to put the umbrella around the neck of British Governor General and warn him to mind his behavior.

4. Amitabh Bachchan - Sunil Dutt signed him for a mute's role in Reshma Aur Shera because of a letter of introduction from then PM Indira Gandhi to friend Nargis.

5. Lata Mangeshkar - In a shocking state of controversies, the gentle, shy and soft spoken Lata did was in the news once again but for different reasons. She was allegedly romantic linked to noted musician Bhupen Hazarika. In a shocking statement to Zee News, the late musician's estranged wife had stated that the two would spend nights together and her husband apparently told her that if a musicians wants to come up, he has to have his songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. This statement is said to have enraged Hazarika's partner Kalpana Lajmi and all the Mangeshkars. As per reports in the media, it was Lata didi's alleged decade long love affair with the late Raj Singh Dungapur that came to light. He was the son of royalty and he had apparently promised his parents that he would not bring home a commoner bride. It is said that the duo met in Mumbai when Raj Singh Dungapur ended up playing cricket with Lata didi's brother at their Walkeshwar house. They came from different backgrounds and maybe those things were not allowed in those days, as commitment to families came first. Though the two remained unmarried, this itself was proof of their eternal love, if stories of their true love are anything to go by.

6. Sachin Tendulkar -  In 1990, while returning from the tour of England at the age of 17, Sachin met his wife Anjali for the first time at the Mumbai airport.  Sachin's father-in-law is a seven-time national bridge champion.

7. Narendra Modi -
Modi loves writing poetry during his leisure time and also has published some of books written by him. He also loves photography and had held one exhibition showcasing his collections of photographs clicked by him.

8. Rajesh Khanna-
He was selected through a talent hunt organized by Filmfare and United Producers in 1965. This was long before television was popular in India - forget reality television.

9. Salman Khan -
Salman was offered Baazigar by Abbas-Mustan, but turned down the film after the makers refused to accommodate changes suggested by his father Salim Khan. The role went to Shahrukh Khan. Sallu said in an interview in 2007, “If I had done Baazigar, then there would be no Mannat standing in Bandstand today.”

10. Virat Kohli - Virat has said that his first crush was none other than the famous bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor.
                                                                                                                              Source: Internet

Zara Hat ke - Yeh Duniya hai Gajab

Today while reading some news papers the below mentioned news caught my attention. I just couldn't resist saying 'Yeh Duniya hai Gajab'

They say love is blind and have no boundaries. Person who is in love doesn't really care about age, cast/religion and even gender. Well, what else can prove this going by what happened last month in London.

A British woman Amanda Rodgers, 47, and her dog Sheba married in a beautiful ceremony attended by 200 guests in Croatia.

The ceremony ended with a kiss. Amanda said her new life partner was never unkind to her and the dog is always happy.
Amanda with Sheba

"Sheba had been in my life for years, making me laugh and comforting me when I was feeling low," she said. "I couldn't think of anything more I'd need from a life partner."

This is quite unusual, isn't it? On a funny note, one good thing is she does no have to file a divorce in case they (?) decides to separate.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah - Stop doing movie promotions please!

Neela Telefilm's popular and successful Indian sitcom Taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah has so far aired 1385 episodes on SAB TV as of April 10th. Thanks to powerful storyline and its talented wonderful star cast, the show has been immensely successful among all Hindi viewers of different age groups.

I have watched all the episodes till date. The characters Jethalal and Bhide are my favorite among the entire star cast.

It has always been a very popular show with very good TRP ratings all along.  Again the reason being powerful narration and work of very talented actors like Dilip Joshi and Disha Vakani. However the show off late has disappointed me a bit. The show has become a platform for the movie makers for advertising an upcoming Hindi movie. As an ardent viewer, I would rather love to watch them producing new set of stories than watching an episode that is being made to promote a movie or a movie star.

To put the things into perspective, have a look at the list below:

Ranbir Kapoor visited the show's sets to promote Barfi. In fact, the story ran for a week to accommodate Ranbir in the plot and to promote his movie.

Then it was his cousin Kareena Kapoor's turn to promote Heroine. She was followed by Paresh Rawal, who promoted OMG Oh My God! Here too, it was not just one episode but the plot was adjusted accordingly.

Sometime ago, Ajay Devgn and Abhishek Bachchan had promoted Bol Bachchan on the show. Incidentally, Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani also spent six hours with the cast of Taarak while promoting Ferrari Ki.
Salman khan is a regular on the show.

Hritik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra came on the show to promote movie Krrish3. Jaadu arrives in Gokuldham society on a spaceship by the radio frequency attracted by the antique radio bought by Atmaram Bhide. Like always, all the families of Gokuldham got together to find the reason for these radio signals.

This week, It is Amitabh on the show promoting his upcoming movie Bhootnath.

There have been others like Jimmy Shergill, Tushaar Kapoor, Dharmendra to name few.

I guess it is Ok if the producers of this show tweak the plot script to accommodate a movie promotion once in two months or something of the sort. Repeated such promotions will only get their TRP down. Like I mentioned, a viewer would love to watch episodes on day to day life of Gokuldham families.

What say, Guys?


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery - Part 1.11

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery

Champ7 is a group of 7 Indian Teen fictional characters. They all study in the same school. They have solved umpteen mystery cases in the past. This time they are up against a Serial Killer who is killing School Girls one after another. Would Champ7 be able to unravel the mystery behind these murders? Can they stop these murders and send the killer behind bars? Is he a contract killer out on a killing spree? Who is the mastermind behind all this? Find answers to all of these in this Champ7 led crime fiction thriller with interesting twist and turns, Read On...

In continuation to my Previous Post ...

After a sunny morning and afternoon what followed was a mild windy evening much to everybody's delight. Champ7 team assembled at the Civil Lines Park. Vicky and Nattu were the last ones to reach there.

'Friends, I'm sure You must have completed the task you were assigned with. Let's update one by one with your findings. Jayati, Why don't you start first?' Vicky, as usual spearheaded the discussion.

'Guys, I met with the Informers early in the day and put them on task of identifying all the persons with initials A.G. in our city especially those who have criminal background.' Jayati stood up and started sharing her findings.

'Later in the day, I got call back from them to come and discuss their findings. In line with what Inspector Avinash said, they too confirmed that Mr. A.G. is nothing but Abdul Gaffar from Kasba Ghati. His Goldsmith business is just for the namesake. He actually is a big time crook who was involved in several robberies and burglaries in the past. He has been jailed couple of times. People in his area have confirmed seeing him wearing such Tawiz. Lately they haven't seen him much though.' Jayati went on.

'Peer Fakir Baba also said the same thing. Although he didn't remember the person's name but he does recollect giving such a Tawiz to someone in Kasba Ghati area. Based on the description he provided it matches with the sketch of Abdul Gaffar we have received from Inspector Avinash.' Interrupted Surabhi.

'Peer Fakir Baba mentioned to us that he generally doesn't distribute these Tawiz to everyone but only to his devotees. Abdul Gaffar was his regular visitor and hence Baba blessed him with a Tawiz as a lucky charm. He must have printed his initials on the Tawiz later on.' Pranshu joined in.

So far based on the information fetched by Jayati, Surabhi and Pranshu, it all pointed towards Abdul Gaffar from Kasba Ghati. All eyes were on Vicky and Nattu now to share their findings.

'We searched the whole Kasba Ghati area but didn't come across Abdul Gaffar. We were told by people out there of seeing him yesterday. But all of a sudden, he has disappeared now as if he smelled some danger and ran away hiding somewhere else.' Said Nattu.

'What surprises me is the fact that Abdul Gaffar has so far been involved in crimes such as theft and robbery. He however has no criminal record that suggests any direct or indirect involvement in murder.' Said Vicky. 'Not just one but three to be exact.' He further added.

'What did you guys find?' Asked Nattu looking at Joseph and Nikita.

'Not much really. Whole of Empire Street appeared like a Ghost Town with hardly anyone out in the middle. ' Replied Nikita.

'Other than the Police, off course.' added Joseph to where Nikita left.

'So all in all we can conclude that the person we are looking for is indeed Abdul Gaffar from Kasba Ghati. We need to find him. I will update Inspector Avinash with our findings later tonight.' Said Vicky.

'So friends, Are you also preparing for the upcoming contest?' As usual Pranshu diverted everybody's attention from the topic.

'Yes, I'm there with you.' Surabhi was quick to add.

'So do I'  Said Nattu. It took everybody by surprise.

'Well, I have a liking for drawings as well. With so much of money at stake, why not to give it a try?' replied Nattu.

'By the way, What is the theme for this contest?' Asked Joseph.

'In addition to beauty of the city, the contestant need to draw on a canvas poster showing skyscrapers, tall buildings, engineers and and the construction workers on the construction site.' Replied Surabhi.

'Interesting' Said Vicky.

                                                   To be Continued in my Next Post. Happy Blogging!! ...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery - Part 1.10

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery

Champ7 is a group of 7 Indian Teen fictional characters. They all study in the same school. They have solved umpteen mystery cases in the past. This time they are up against a Serial Killer who is killing School Girls one after another. Would Champ7 be able to unravel the mystery behind these murders? Can they stop these murders and send the killer behind bars? Is he a contract killer out on a killing spree? Who is the mastermind behind all this? Find answers to all of these in this Champ7 led crime fiction thriller with interesting twist and turns, Read On...

In continuation to my Previous Post ...

It was typical of Nattu to reach late. He was not known for his punctuality after all. Just when Vicky gave up, he saw Nattu coming towards him on his bicycle.

'I am so sorry, I kept you waiting for long. My cousin has come all the way from States. He bought me this lovely I-Phone. I got busy with him exploring different features and Apps.' Said Nattu, showing Vicky his I-Phone.

Vicky did not react.

It didn't take Nattu long to realize that Vicky is very upset of him coming late.

'I knew we were scheduled to meet here at 9 but somehow I completely lost track of time. These phones are so interesting you know, Its all them to blame really for me coming late here.'  Nattu tried to persuade Vicky.

'Should we start? We have lot to do.' asked Vicky vehemently.

'Oh, Sure' replied Nattu.

Nattu's love for cell phones, gadgets, video games etc. was well known. When it comes to gadgets, Nattu was a master technician. He had a wide range of apps installed on his cell phone. You name the app and Nattu would know about it. He was the go to man if someone face any difficulties operating any gadget.

Soon Vicky and Nattu were on their way to Kasba Ghati to look for Abdul Gaffar.

Based on the information shared by Inspector Avinash, Kasba Ghati was a notorious slum area situated in Eastern part of town.

Inspector Avinash had warned them to exercise extreme precautions while wandering in this slum area. There were at least two people who lived in Kasba Ghati and later on became most wanted criminals.

While Vicky and Nattu headed for Kasba Ghati, Joseph and Nikita were already out there patrolling in Empire Street. Their task was to hunt down any suspicious person or activity and to report it to Inspector Avinash and their fellow Champ7 friends.

It was hot day with sun shining bright. The Empire Street was under police surveillance. Joseph and Nikita tried their best looking around for anything suspicious without any success.

'I seriously doubt the killer will take a chance so soon, especially with so many police around.' said Nikita looking down trying to escape heat.

'Yep. Also the schools are closed and so are extra classes and private tuition. He probably will wait for situation to subside before targeting his next victim.' nodded Joseph.

'Let's stick around till 4 pm. If we don't see anything fishy, we shall leave and join our friends at the Civil Lines Park' Joseph further added.

Jayati knew exactly where to find the Informers. Last night, she had called them up and fixed an appointment with them. She had met them in the past many a times. They were a group of three youngsters. They knew various people, groups, organizations etc. involved in crime. Their work was to provide the information on criminal person or activity in exchange of compensation.

Jayati spotted them standing near the bus stop waiting for her. She approached them and shared the important details on the case. She handed them the photographs of Tawiz and asked them to revert back with details on A.G. and headed back home.

Surabhi and Pranshu arrived at the famous Durgah, a Muslim shrine in the city. They were looking for a Peer Fakir.

Fakirs are generally regarded as holy men who are possessed of miraculous powers. They are mostly wandering and does not have a set place. After talking to people around Surabhi and Pranshu got to know about the place where Peer Fakir Baba can be found.

It was not that easy. It took them quite some time to trace Peer Fakir Baba.

Fakir baba was an old man in his sixties. He had long hairs and sported a big bushy beard. He wore the rags that he probably found on the streets.

Pranshu hesitantly pushed the Tawiz towards him and asked if it belonged to him and if he had given it to someone as his blessings.

                                                         To be Continued in my Next  Post. Happy Blogging!! ...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery - Part 1.9

Champ7 - School Girls Murder Mystery

Champ7 is a group of 7 Indian Teen fictional characters. They all study in the same school. They have solved umpteen mystery cases in the past. This time they are up against a Serial Killer who is killing School Girls one after another. Would Champ7 be able to unravel the mystery behind these murders? Can they stop these murders and send the killer behind bars? Is he a contract killer out on a killing spree? Who is the mastermind behind all this? Find answers to all of these in this Champ7 led crime fiction thriller with interesting twist and turns, Read On...

In continuation to my Previous Post ...

There was sheer excitement and enthusiasm among school kids about the upcoming drawing competition. Attractive hoardings, banners were put up in the City displaying the details about it. Such contests were held in the past but nothing matched the one announced by Mr. Diwan.

People were amazed with the prize money amount quoted for the first three winners. School kids enrolled themselves for the contest like never before. The parents too paid special attention to this and were helping their kid in preparing for the contest. News and Print media also helped in spreading awareness about this contest.

People were heard talking about Mr. Diwan and the contest every nook and corner. Other than the information that he was a middle aged businessman who hails from northern pat of country, hardly anyone in the city knew much about him.

In between all this, there was a meeting going on in the Superintendent of Police office.

'Hey, Avinash. Good Morning!! Please come join us.' Greeted Mr. Gupta, the Superintendent of Police.

Mr. Gupta had assigned Inspector Avinash on the Empire Street killing case. He called up Avinash in early morning hours and had asked him to be in office by 8:30 am to discuss this case with City Mayor.

'Meet Mr. Shah. I'm sure you must have already met him earlier on several occasions.' Said Mr. Gupta.

'Off course. There is hardly anybody in the town who doesn't know him' Said Inspector Avinash shaking hands with Mr. Shah.

'Thank you for your kind words, Inspector.' Said Mr. Shah expressing his gratitude.

Rajendra Shah was a prominent businessman and also mayor of the city. The multimillionaire was known for his simplicity and humility. Started his career as a goldsmith, he later on ventured into many businesses and charity work. He has also set up couple of well known medical centers in the city where poor and needy were given high class medical treatment at a very discounted rate. He was popular and respected among all members of the society. He got re-elected unopposed straight for the 3rd time. 

'Mr. Shah is leaving for Delhi in an hour's time from now to meet some delegates. Since he will be out of the town for about couple of days, he has asked me to arrange this meet to get a handle on the progress you made so far on this case.'  Said Mr. Gupta mentioning the purpose of the meeting.

'Thanks for coming down, Sir. I have engaged the services of Secret agents Champ7 on this case. I am confident of catching the murderer before he can commit another crime. Meanwhile, we have kept entire Empire Street area under police surveillance.' Briefed Inspector Avinash on the status so far.

'I am glad that Secret Agents Champ7 team is also working on this case. They are a group of very brave and clever teen detectives. I would like to know the details on kind of progress you guys have made. Did you find any substantial evidence?' Queried Mr. Shah.  

'The murderer is very clever. He hasn't left any finger prints behind. We are still investigating the motive behind these killings. We have found a Tawiz at the crime site which has initials 'A.G.' printed on it.' Replied Inspector Avinash.

Inspector Avinash then apprised Mr. Shah on the status and their further plans.

'Superb. Keep in mind that it has now become a very high profile case. There is ever growing pressure from media and ruling high command. Time is quickly running out of our hand. We only have a week's time. While I have full confidence in your and Champ7's capabilities, you guys need to act fast.' cautioned Mr. Shah.

'Sure. We are up to the task.' Assured Mr. Gupta.

'By the way, I heard that you are the guest of honor for the much talked about upcoming drawing contest.' Asked Mr. Gupta.

'Oh, yeah. I will be back in the City by then. Mr. Diwan approached me and requested to chair the prize distribution to which I obliged. I met him for the first time.' Said Mr. Shah.

'I am impressed that he wants to encourage young kids towards Art & Culture and hence came up with this lucrative idea. In fact the timing of this contest is god sent. I am sure the contest will get all the limelight and for the time being it will divert people's attention from killings saga.' Continued Mr. Shah after a brief pause.

'Very true' nodded Mr. Gupta.

'Mr. Gupta, Please keep me posted with the regular updates' demanded Mr. Shah before leaving.

It was half past nine. Vicky was anxiously waiting for Nattu from past half an hour.

                                                         To be Continued in my Next  Post. Happy Blogging!! ...